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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

We recognize that if you’re struggling with a health issue, you’re probably already struggling with medical bills and financial worries. Getting a medical marijuana card is an additional cost for you, but it can be a very significant and necessary investment in your health and peace of mind.

In this guide we will let you know costs for medical marijuana ID card in different states

  • Medical Card in Florida?

The Florida Department of Health will charge a $75 fee for the medical marijuana card that will be provided to patients. Card renewal fee will Cost $75 and your medical card will be good for one year.

  • Missouri

In comparison to other states, Missouri’s medical marijuana card expenses are easy and low. The cards are valid for one year, and the application price and the one-year renewal charge are both $25.58. In July 2021, this is expected to rise to $25.94.

The charge is set till June 2022 since it is increased on a yearly basis. The charge for a caregiver medical marijuana card is the same as for a patient card, and it increased by the same amount in July. The cultivation fee is currently $102.30, with a hike to $103.73 set for July 2021.

  • Oklahoma

A medicinal marijuana card application or renewal in Oklahoma costs $100 plus a 4.30 service charge. Your charge is only $20 if you are a fully disabled veteran or have Medicaid or Medicare.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

To be eligible, you must show proof of veteran status or your Medicaid/Medicare card throughout the application process. In Oklahoma, your patient license will be valid for two years, bringing your annual medical marijuana expense down to $50 or less.

  • Pennsylvania

The medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania costs $50. Patients who get benefits from other programs such as Medicaid, PACE/PACENET, CHIP, SNAP, and WIC may be eligible for reduced payments. You can appoint two caregivers in Pennsylvania, and each caregiver card costs $50.

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